P. R. Wilson - Children's Book AuthorI learned somewhere along the line that we can improve our self-esteem by becoming conscious of what we say to ourselves, so I wrote the first little book. The reader repeats two powerful words, “I can”, embedded fourteen times in fun phrases, and repeats “I AM AMAZING!” five times. Just reading the book rescripts self-talk that is often negative. The desired result – improved self-esteem. Learn More


I would give every family I know a copy of your book, whether they are struggling or not. Your book is an amazing, inspiring gift to the world Pat. I wish I could give your book to every person I know. Everyone deserves to feel and to know they are amazing. Every person needs to hear this about themselves. Self-esteem and a positive view of oneself seems to be in short supply these days. If your book can give that to even one person on this planet of ours, you will have made a difference.
-Tracey B, Elementary School Secretary

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